A successful cycling tour is a team effort.


Our tours are dependent on our partners.  Sure, we can offer the friendliest guides, great bikes, and carefully designed routes – but there is so much more that goes into the planning of a tour. The resorts have to be special, the best in our area.  They must be very clean, close to restaurants, offer a boutique experience, and they must treat our guests with the utmost respect, while making them feel like family (we don’t ask for much, do we?).  Similarly, we choose the restaurants, private chefs, wineries and distilleries because of their passion for locally-sourced ingredients and ask that, when possible, they offer a behind-the-scenes look into the food industry. We have spent years finding the best partners so that our guests have an engaging, inspirational, and memorable experience.

To be honest, we didn’t always include the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort in our tours. There was a time we started everything in town – we were concerned it was just too far away.  But the first time we arranged for our guests to stay there, we knew the Kingfisher was the perfect fit with our Joy Rides.  Boutique and luxurious, this resort has it all.  From stunning ocean views to a beautifully relaxing spa; excellent customer service to restaurants featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients; the Kingfisher offers our guests that relaxed, West Coast vibe.

All of our multi-day tours now start at the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa.  We’re proud to call them partners and thank them for working with us to help our guests (re)discover joy in their journeys.