Paddle & Feast

Escape to another world and you immerse in this multi-sensory journey. Our evening begins with a leisurely paddle on the secret channels and byways of the Campbell River estuary, where you will learn about the past, present, and future of this beautiful area. As we make our way back to the shore, our Chef will share with you a locally-sourced feast, prepared in our outdoor wood-fired oven. Perfect for gentle adventurers and foodies alike, this unique, Campbell River experience is designed to delight your body, your spirit, and your senses.

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 The River Room

 Nestled on the shores of the Campbell River, with a blazing wood-fired pizza oven and our private chef, the River Room offers an intimate dining experience for couples or groups of up to 12 people.

The River Room has a way of transforming any meal into an interactive and memorable evening.  Perfect for any special occasion – from holidays to anniversaries, birthdays to corporate retreats – this room by the river makes you feel like you’re in a secret world.

The Campbell River Estuary

Where the fresh water of the Campbell River meets the salt water of the Salish Sea, the estuary is the heart of our city. It’s a place where majestic bald eagles nest, determined salmon migrate to spawn, and curious seals frolic. The beauty and stories of the estuary remind us of its power – forever flowing, forever free.    

Estuaries are the most biologically diverse wetlands along the Pacific Coast.  They provide ideal feeding and resting areas for millions of living creatures.  These bodies of water are essential for the survival of hundreds of fish and wildlife species, and the people relying on them.


Sunset Paddle of the Campbell River Estuary

As the sun sets over our city, we invite you to join us for a magical journey on the tranquil waters of our estuary.  Connect to nature, hear stories of our history, and savour quiet moments for yourself as you immerse in the natural beauty and wonder of our area.  Our leisurely kayaking experiences are suitable for all levels of paddlers.

*Because the estuary is tide-dependent, we have carefully selected the optimal times for the sunset paddles.  Please see the calendar below.


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