Meet Lars, he’s an #islandjoyrider all the way from Sweden who joined us for a 6-day self-guided tour.

This blog series is intended to highlight some of the Joy Riders who have left a mark on our hearts; to share a small part of their story. They have all touched us in some way. We hope they will do the same for you.

Who are you?  I’m a teacher in forest management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. I love being out in the forest with a camera, with my chain saw, picking berries, on hunt, on ski or any other excuse that takes me there.

What is something not many people know about you (that you’re willing to share)?  I’m a really good singer. Unfortunately not many people have had the opportunity to hear my excellent singing as I mostly sing, loud and clear, when I’m alone in my car.

What makes you come alive/feel that fire in your belly/get excited about living?  Being out in nature – on a bicycle, when I feel the scent of flowering fields, on a ski, when I find fresh animal tracks, on skates, when the sun is shining and the ice is smooth like a mirror or hiking or hunting. When I find those moments of total peace and happiness. This is not me in this video but I’ve experienced something like it:

You just got offered a free plane ticket to fly anywhere tomorrow – where would you go and why?  In Sweden right now there’s a lot of talk about climate change, CO2 emission and ecological footprint so my first thought would be not to fly at all. But I would really love to see Canada and Vancouver Island again… And Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania… 

What  personal motto/quote helps guide you – or resonates most with you? You’ll only regret the things you left undone.